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Praising God for 50,000+ dolls sent out

As of July 01, 2015, God has blessed us with the wonderful people who have made and sent out more than 50,000 dolls! Praise the Lord!

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Hello,  Gods hand is ever present in Dolls On Mission as we are pleased to announce that we have passed the 23,000 mark.  It’s amazing to see this many dolls have been made and sent all across the world.  Thank you to everyone who humbly gives of their time and talents for the kingdom of God.  Love you all!

Gods Humble Bondservant,
Momma Mucci

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2013 Underway

What an exciting year we had in 2012 and 2013 is already underway.  We are going to double our amount for Samaritans Purse (Operation Christmas Child) this year and we work for them all year round.

We are also working with Native American Missions Operation Blanket America.

To find out how you or your organization can get involved, click here!

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Well Past The Mark

Dear Hearts;

God is so good, we are well past the 21,000 mark.

Also, please make sure to tell others that the ONLY address to send ALL donations or request is :
Dolls On Mission
4036 Saint James Way
Monroe, NC 28110
Joanne Mucci: 704-283-6784

Momma Mucci

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Satellite Partners

Dolls on Mission is working towards putting together a newsletter and we would like to include YOU. Any individual, group or organization who has started making and sending dolls for Dolls on Mission, please let us know the following information:

Your Name or the name of your group or organization?(required)

Your address or address where your group or organization is making dolls?(required)

City, State and Zipcode of the address listed above?(required)

Meeting dates and time?(required)

Where have you sent the dolls?(required)

List the names of those individuals who are a part of your group or organization?(required)

Please provide any additional information you would like for us to know?

Type the combination above into the box below, then click the Send Button

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Past the 12,000 Mark

We have gone over the 50,000 mark & going strong. Look at what you are a part of. We couldn’t reach that many children if we went on 5 mission trips. God is reaching far & wide with this ministry. The Heck Jones Prayer Guide just had an article about the ministry and we are getting calls; even from Arizona. How exciting! We send Samaritans purse 100 a month and we hope it will increase this year some. We will be going to India, Packistan and China, God willing.

We had 41 women at our doll meeting on January 14, 2012. Isn’t God Awesome! Starting out from only 3 of us to now over 40. Our Next Goal is 75,000 and every Doll that goes out; you are a part of. Bless you for that!

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Note from Romania

David my brother,

I just want to write a few lines about us and the ministry.

We had about three weeks ago a five days VBS- Children activities in Cavnic. About 100 kids attended. I gave the dolls which you send, but because I had only about 40, I decided to give only to the girls. I gave the bracelets of many colors and the paper with the bible verses for each color.

Continue reading

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Christmas Deadline

Hello friends. Just a quick update. Dolls on Mission currently has 2,379 dolls and our goal is to reach 3000 by Christmas.

Please contact us to find out how YOU can help!


p>love, momma mucci

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The Journey Of Love Begins

It has truly been exciting to see the way that the community and churches are coming on board to help us with this endeavor! We invite YOU to participate by contributing with your much needed prayers, your time to help, maybe those scraps of

material you have been waiting to do something with.

The first set of 40 dolls are on Continue reading

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